Author Spotlight (Vol. 8): Marcela de Oliveira e Silva Lemos

🎉 Felicitaciones to this week’s Author Spotlight, Marcela de Oliveira e Silva Lemos!

De Oliveira e Silva Lemos writes a thought-provoking article which explores the many multimedia elements of Bolaño’s, Estrella distante. Specifically, the author draws attention to how photography is used in the narrative mediation and historic revision processes, and subsequent effects. De Oliveira e Silva Lemos establishes a strong argument by contextualizing the novel and threading several supporting citations and references throughout to discuss how the novel helps establish ties between self-referentiality between the photos and text, which aims to destabilize assumed hierarchies. The author also uniquely positions the photos in the novel as fictional, but also as elements which posit historical truths about the Chilean military dictatorship.

📖 Read the full article.

Marcela de Oliveira e Silva Lemons is a Ph.D. candidate in Portuguese with a minor in Second Language Pedagogies. Her dissertation investigates the use of photography in 21st-century narratives of the memories of the dictatorships in South America. De Oliveira e Silva Lemos’ paper in SPR 8, on Roberto Bolaño’s novel Estrella distante, draws from this research. For her minor, Marcela works with Applied Linguistics, Task-Based Language Teaching, and Portuguese for Business. Marcela has also published about these topics in Hispania Vol. 105, no. 3. She is currently working at Indiana University Bloomington as a graduate assistant and associate instructor of Portuguese and Spanish. Connect with Marcela on Facebook and LinkedIn!



Bolaño, Roberto. Estrella distante. 1996. Chile, Vintage Español, 2017.


Bolaño, R. (1996). Estrella distante. Vintage Español.

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