Author Spotlight (Vol. 8): Sergio Ruiz Pérez

🎉 Congratulations to this week’s Author Spotlight, Sergio Ruiz Pérez!

Ruiz Pérez’s short-form article discusses a form of project-based language learning called orbital studies, which offers study abroad instructors a framework for facilitating an immersive experience for their students. After offering a contextualized definition of essential concepts, the author discusses a study carried out in Sevilla, Spain which drew on Orbital Studies. Ruiz Pérez shares details of the study, offers implications and suggestions for practice, and closes with a strong argument about the powerful impact orbital studies and project-based language learning can have on a study abroad and the language learning experience. 

📖 Read the full article.

Spanish and Portuguese Review Author Spotlight, Volume 8, Sergio Ruiz-Pérez

Sergio Ruiz Pérez recently graduated from Texas Tech University with a Ph.D. in Hispanic linguistics. He now coordinates the Spanish as a second language master’s program and teaches innovation and initiation to research in English at the Universidad Isabel I (Burgos, Spain). His research interests stem from the field of SLA and focus on multiliteracies, online teaching and learning, study abroad contexts, and project-based learning. Connect with Sergio on LinkedIn!

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