Author Spotlight (Vol. 8): Sarah Valentín-Sánchez

🎉 Felicidades to this week’s Author Spotlight, Sarah Valentín-Sánchez!

Valentín-Sánchez writes an alluring review of Amor y sexo en el Siglo de oro by Luciano López Gutiérrez (2019). The author creates a dynamic review by summarizing essential elements of the book, and including conjecture on author intentions, her own opinions, perfectly selected quotes, and relevant comparisons with other literary works and authors. Additionally, the author’s style, word choice, and fluidity, all contribute to creating an exceptionally written review, which would compel anyone to read this book.

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Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 8, Author Spotlight Sarah Valentín-Sánchez

Sarah Valentín-Sánchez holds a BA in Art History from the University of Valencia and a MA in Cultural Studies from Cardenal Herrera-CEU University (Spain). More recently, she obtained a MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Alabama, where she is currently a Ph.D. student. Her research focuses on contemporary peninsular film, specifically on the work of Spanish women filmmakers in the 21st century. Other areas of her interest are Cultural studies, Gender and Queer studies, and Feminist theory. She has participated in several national and international conferences. Recently she has published three articles and two book reviews in different peer-review journals and has two more in the review process. She recently won the “2023 Stephen Karatheodoris Memorial Award” paper competition from the University of Alabama’s Gender & Race Studies Department and the “2022 Best Research for a Graduate Student Award” from the Modern Languages and Classics Department. She also obtained the 2021 Ignacio R. M. Galbis Award for the best original essay of the graduate students’ peer-reviewed journal “El Cid”. She has worked as a Spanish instructor at Instituto Cervantes (Chicago) and at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, UAB. In other areas of interest, she collaborates as an art educator at the Birmingham Museum of Art.



López Gutiérrez, L. (2019). Amor y sexo en el Siglo de oro. Abada Editores.


López Gutiérrez, Luciano. Amor y sexo en el Siglo de oro. Abada Editores, 2019.

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