Author Spotlight (Vol. 8): Lizet González

🎉 Felicitaciones to this week’s Author Spotlight, Lizet González!

In the article, González analyzes how the Brazilian film “O vendedor de passados” (2015) portrays how mass media, specifically photography, is used to manipulate memory. The author discusses how fictitious reality and invention seem to fuse across various scenes, taking the viewer on a journey which questions reality and their ability to correctly perceive it. In her analysis, González draws from theoretical frameworks such as Prosthetic Memory (from Allison Landsberg), Zygmunt Bauman’s Theory of Consumption, and research about individual and collective memory (of Joanne Garde-Hansen). This is an excellent, thought-provoking article which sparks an active reader to potentially reconsider their own view on the mass media, photography, and memory.

📖 Read the full article.

Spanish and Portuguese Review Author Spotlight Volume 8, Lizet González

Lizet González es licenciada en Letras Hispánicas por la Universidad Estatal de California, Stanislaus. Posteriormente recibió su Maestría de la Universidad Estatal de Arizona. Actualmente se encuentra estudiando el doctorado en cultura y literatura hispánica también en la Universidad Estatal de Arizona. Dentro de sus temas de interés, destacan los estudios de la interseccionalidad en la literatura contemporánea mexicana y latinoamericana escrita por mujeres. Conéctate con Lizet on LinkedIn.



O Vendedor de Passados. Directed by Lula Buarque de Hollanda. Conspiração Filmes, 2015.


Buarque de Hollanda, L. (Director). (2015). O Vendedor de Passados [Film]. Conspiração Filmes.

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