Managing Editor Spotlight: Doaa Serag Mohamed Morsy

Meet the Managing Editor of Copyediting, Doaa Serag Mohamed Morsy!

Spanish and Portuguese Review, Managing Editor Spotlight, Doaa Serag Mohamed Morsy

Specialty Area(s) of Research: Comparative Literature, Disability Studies, Women Studies

Academic Affiliation: Temple University, Helwan University

Languages: Spanish, Arabic

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1. What is your role at SPR? Managing Editor of Copyediting

2. What does your current SPR role entail? As a manager editor my duties and responsibilities include working with a team of associate editors. Make sure to recruit associate editors (AEs) and provide new volunteers interested in becoming AE with the form. Communicate with past, current and new AEs. Ensure that the AEs are trained and provided with the necessary resources to understand the responsibilities and duties of their work and perform them satisfactorily. Make sure to manage the copy-editing process and send reminders to AEs.

3. What does volunteering as an Associate Editor look like on your team? Volunteering as an AE in my team means to be assigned a paper to edit following the supportive resources provided by the Manager editor and return it by the due date assigned. AE volunteers could support my role as a Managing Editor (ME) by attending training to gain more experience about the process of copyediting. Make sure to follow the checklist to provide the author with any questions and changes that need to be made.

4. What is your previous experience with SPR? Associate Editor

5. What is your current academic affiliation and what are your main areas of research? I am an Egyptian PhD candidate studying at Temple University in the United States of America. I was born and raised in Egypt. I lived my entire childhood in Saudi Arabia. I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Helwan (Egypt) at the department of Spanish and literature. I also received the European-Egyptian Master’s in Spanish Language and Culture from the University of Salamanca (Spain). The thesis is entitled “Aspects of Prostitution in Spanish-American Literature and Twentieth-century Arab Literature: Comparative Study of Prostitution between the incredible and Sad Story of Candida Eréndira and Her Soulless Grandmother Gabriel García Márquez and Darb Al Hawa Ismael Waly Al Dien” My current research interests center around the Latin American Literature, Disability Studies, and Women Studies.

5. What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself? A fun fact about myself is that I do not get tired of watching movies and reading novels no matter how many times I watch or read them, I can watch and read them over and over again in one sitting. I am a morning person. In the early morning, I love walking in the sunrise and talking with the birds and trees around me. They know all my secrets 😅

6. Can we connect with you on Social Media? Yes, find me on Facebook & LinkedIn.

Thank you for your organization, hard work, and commitment to Spanish and Portuguese Review, Doaa!

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