Managing Editor Spotlight: Diana Torres

Meet the Managing Editor of Production, Diana Torres!

Specialty Area(s) of Research: Comparative Literature/ Disability Studies, Gender Studies

Academic Affiliation: Florida Atlantic University

Languages: Spanish

* ~ * ~ *

1. What is your role at SPR?  Managing Editor of Production (Fall 2022).

2. What does your current SPR role entail? As Managing Editor of Production at SPR, Diana edits, trains associate editors, assigns papers to them, and organizes layout in production.

3. What does volunteering as an Associate Editor look like on your team? The associate editors are crucial for the work of the managing editor. They help to edit and make sure that each paper gets enough time and attention.

4. What is your previous experience with SPR? Associate Editor (Fall 2021). Diana started at SPR as an associate editor. That experience was enriching and gave her the confidence to become a managing editor.

5. What is your current academic affiliation and what are your main areas of research? Currently, Diana is pursuing her master’s degree in Comparative Literature while working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Spanish at the Department of Linguistics, Language, and Comparative Literature at Florida Atlantic University.

5. What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself? Diana Torres is originally from Ecuador. Her love for literature has led her to teach Literature, Philosophy, and Spanish, teaching both high school and undergraduate courses. She has a degree in Communications with a minor in literature. She is a National Geographic Certified Educator. Diana has authored several essays and academic articles about education, literature, and disability studies.

A fun fact about Diana is that she is a certified stage manager, she lived for a year in the Galapagos Islands, and she has an undying love for sweets.

6. Can we connect with you on Social Media? Connect with Diana on LinkedIn!

Thank you for your amazing efforts, positive energy, and commitment to Spanish and Portuguese Review, Diana!

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