Managing Editor Spotlight: Judit Palencia Gutiérrez

Meet the Managing Editor of Peer Review, Judit Palencia Gutiérrez!

Spanish and Portuguese Review Managing Editor Spotlight, Judit Palencia Gutiérrez

Specialty Area(s) of Research: Peninsular Literature, Peninsular Cultural Studies

Academic Affiliation: California State University-Fullerton

Languages: Spanish

* ~ * ~ *

1. What is your role at SPR? Managing Editor of Peer Review

2. What does your current SPR role entail? I supervise the progress of peer review. I assign reviewers to papers, update the list with the information about our reviewers, and I communicate with reviewers and authors. Volunteering for the SPR team involves communicating with the other Managing Editors and with Editor Dr. Stacey M. Johnson. I mainly work on Submittable, which I see as a platform of collective role, that is, other staff members from SPR help me out assigning papers and reviewing original submissions – mainly to delete any sort of author identification. I have also collaborated with Laura Colaneri, Senior Managing Editor, to deliver a training workshop for reviewers. I also communicate with the other Managing Editors to help us all stay updated regarding items such as the publication process.

3. What is your previous experience with SPR? Managing Editor of Peer Review Assistant (for the 2021 issue, working under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie Madison)

4. What is your current academic affiliation and what are your main areas of research? I received my PhD in Hispanic Studies from the University of California-Riverside (2022) and I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Modern Literatures and Languages at California State University-Fullerton. I have received academic training in Spain, Ireland and the United States, in the literary, philosophical, linguistic and pedagogical fields. My academic interests include psychoanalysis, political philosophy, historical memory, transitional justice, and critical pedagogies.

5. What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself? In my free time I enjoy night photography, yoga, playing the drums and spending time with my pets Noam and Agustín.

Thank you for your amazing work, commitment, and support to Spanish and Portuguese Review, Judit!

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