SPR Q&A: How long should it take me to review a paper assigned to me by SPR?

At Spanish and Portuguese Review (SPR), our authors are all graduate students at the time of submission. However, what you might not know is that all the managing editors, associate editors, and many of the peer reviewers are also graduate students! All of the papers that go through SPR‘s peer review process get feedback from at least two graduate student reviewers and at least one, but often two, faculty experts in the field. This process is much more robust than typical academic journals, but it allows us to 1) give our authors a lot of high-quality feedback, and 2) give many graduate students training and experience doing peer review, which is an essential service activity in most academic careers.

If it is your first time doing peer review, you might wonder how to do it well or how long to spend on one paper. In addition to the peer review training (see the video of the 2022 training here) and other training and mentoring offered by SPR, our Editor Stacey Margarita Johnson sat down with two prominent members of AATSP, John Maddox and Megan Myers, to discuss their processes for peer review. Check out our video and leave your own comments and questions here on the SPR blog or on our YouTube channel!

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