Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Armando Guerrero Estrada

🎉 Felicitaciones to this week’s Author Spotlight, Armando Guerrero Estrada!

Armando’s article “Evangelistas de solidaridad: La imaginación creativa de Albert Camus y Gabriel García Márquez” is a thought-provoking analysis of three works, The Stranger and The Plague by Albert Camus and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. The author draws on the themes of philosophy, religion, and literary studies to uncover several similarities among the works, such as existentialism, absurdism, and the plague, playing special attention to the criticism of the human condition and an emphasis on solidarity. The author notes the similarities among the works may also be tethered to the similarities in the lives and experiences lived by Camus and García Márquez.

📝 Read the full article here:

Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 7 Author Spotlight, Armando Guerrero Estrada

Armando Guerrero Estrada is a PhD candidate at Boston College. His scholarship examines the interlacing of theological education, theologies of migration, and immigrant literature. He holds a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University’s Divinity School, where he also earned graduate certificates in Latin American Studies and Religion and the Arts in Contemporary Culture. He holds a B.A in Theology and Philosophical Studies and a B.A. in Spanish Literature. His work can be found in the Afro-Hispanic Review, Resistance. DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts, Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, and the Lamar Journal of the Humanities.

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🎊 Excellent work on a unique and interesting article, Armando!

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