SPR Q&A: How can I make sure people read & see my recently published paper?

As the graduate student journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), Spanish and Portuguese Review (SPR) takes our commitment to our authors seriously. We want the graduate students who publish with us to be proud of the work they produce and to be recognized for their accomplishment. That’s why we work so hard to increase our publications’ visibility. In addition to our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now on YouTube, we also publish regular updates on the AATSP newsletter and here on our own website. We even have a Managing Editor of Communications, Lillian Jones, who works all year to make sure that our authors’ work gets as much attention as possible. You might have seen Lillian’s work like author spotlights on our website newsfeed or some of her great social media campaigns come across your timeline.

Last fall, SPR Editor Stacey Margarita Johnson sat down with two prominent members of AATSP, John Maddox and Megan Myers, to discuss how graduate student authors can get increase their work’s visibility. Check out our video and leave your own comments and questions here on the SPR blog or on our YouTube channel!

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