Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Jacqueline Shea

šŸŽ‰ Felicidades to this week’s Author Spotlight, Jacqueline Shea!

Jacqueline’s article “El desarrollo y la variaciĆ³n de la pragmĆ”tica espaƱola: El caso del voseo” explores the historical development and regional variation of the second person singular pronoun, voseo. The article has a unique focus on the pragmatic dimensions of voseo, reviewing several studies which address how the meaning of voseo has evolved over time, including its status in the present. The author presents findings which suggest that voseo’s historical development is not linear in terms of prestige and popularity, and that there is great regional variation.

šŸ“ Read the full article here:

Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 7 Author Spotlight, Jacqueline Shea

Jacqueline is a Ph.D. student studying Comparative Culture and Language. She specializes in sociocultural linguistics with secondary foci in intercultural contact, values, and emotions. She earned her MA from Arizona State University in Spanish, where she researched foreign language and mixed classroom pedagogy, historical and instructional pragmatics, and metaphor. She currently teaches undergraduate Spanish courses while continuing to research Spanish linguistics, folktales, and translation from a cross-cultural perspective. Her goal is to foster greater inter/intracultural empathy through understanding the context of linguistic and cultural productions from English- and Spanish-speaking worlds.

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šŸŽŠ Fabulous work on a well-researched and insightful article, Jacqueline!

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