Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Morgan L. Schneider

🎉 Felicitaciones to this week’s Author Spotlight, Morgan L. Schneider!

Morgan’s article “Reyita y Reyita: Sus contradicciones narrativas y trasfondos afrocubanos” explores the book Reyita, sencillamente: Testimonio de una negra cubana nonagenaria, by Daisy Rubiera Castillo, by focusing on how the contradictions tell a story of the life of an Afro-Cuban woman with experience before and after the Cuban Revolution. By exploring the many layers of these contradictions, Morgan offers an analysis which exposes how the genre of testimony plays with the narrative perspective of the Afro-Cuban narrative voice of Reyita.

📃 Read the full article here:

Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 7 Author Spotlight,Morgan L. Schneider

Morgan has taught undergraduate courses at the 100 and 200 level, and her forthcoming Master’s thesis: “Voicing Narrative Through Transatlanticism and Transformation in “Historia de la Monja Alférez” by Catalina de Erauso” exemplifies her interests in the Early Modern world, narrative perspective, and gender to name a few.

🎊 This is a really fantastic article! Great work, Morgan!

Connect with Morgan on LinkedIn, Twitter @morganschneideo and Facebook!

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