Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Leslie Del Carpio

🎉 Congratulations to this week’s Author Spotlight, Leslie Del Carpio!

Leslie’s article “Heritage Language Learners’ Attitudes Towards Familiar Varieties of Spanish” presents contemporary research about two specific language varieties among a group of intermediate-level Spanish Heritage Language Learners (SHLLs). Through the use of both indirect (matched-guise test), and direct (such as a stimulated recall) methods of data collection, this work unveils astute and contemporary data regarding critical issues surrounding heritage language attitudes and perceptions. This timely article also addresses the need for critical language awareness in the classroom.

📝 Read the full article here:

Spanish and Portuguese Review, Volume 7 Author Spotlight, Leslie Del Carpio

Leslie is a Spanish linguistics Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University. Her main research interests are Spanish in the US, language variation and Spanish heritage language research and pedagogy. Leslie’s latest publication is titled “Novice or expert? Heritage speaker’s orientation to the novice-expert paradigm”. Her current research studies the characteristics of Spanish spoken in the US in order to dispel misconceptions about the Spanish spoken in the U.S by all, including heritage language speakers, as well as the observation of language attitudes and ideologies in heritage language learners (HLL) and the classroom. Leslie currently teaches Spanish for HLL and Spanish linguistic courses at ASU.

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🎊 Wonderful work on an insightful and well-written article, Leslie!

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