Author Spotlight (Vol. 6): Andrea Amado

This week’s Author Spotlight is a book review written by Andrea Amado! Amado reviews Maria Coady’s Connecting School and the Multilingual Home: Theory and Practice for Rural Educators.

“All in all, however, Connecting School and the Multilingual Home is a valuable read for all educators, not just those working in rural communities. It describes a specific social microcosm that nevertheless serves to inform a wide audience of the importance of creating an equitable and inclusive macrocosm through national educational practices and policies that can extend to all learning communities, regardless of the diversity that resides within the classroom walls.” – A. Amado.

Thank you, Andrea, for giving us a glimpse into this relevant work on the experience of multilingual students in rural communities.

Read full review here:

Great job, Andrea! 👍

Spanish and Portuguese Review, author spotlight volume 6, Andrea amado

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