Author Spotlight (Vol. 6): Linda Gruen

This week’s Author Spotlight comes to you by author Linda Gruen! Linda’s piece titled “Race, Reform, and Nation in Salvador Camacho Roldán’s 1887 Notas de viaje (Colombia y Estados Unidos de América)” explores Salvador Camacho Roldán’s experience traveling through the United States and how he engaged with issues such as race, reform and nation. The article is framed in the author’s stance that Camacho Roldán challenged popular racial pseudoscience as he took on an extraordinary position by advocating for racial hybridity as the best global outcome.

Read full review here:

Linda is a scholar at the University of California-Irvine, in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Her academic interests include nineteenth-century Latin American literature and second language acquisition pedagogies. 

Thank you for this superbly crafted and insightful article, Linda! 👍

Spanish and Portuguese Review, author spotlight volume 6, Linda Gruen

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