Author Spotlight (Vol. 5)

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for yet another #SPRauthorspotlight! Angela Rodriguez Mooney, a PhD Candidate at Tulane, published one of the two articles written in Portuguese in our current issue #SPRVol5. The article “A construção identitária da mulher indígena em Metade cara, metade máscara (2004), de Eliane Potiguara: estratégias narrativas na construção de uma voz” investigates the strategies used in the identity construction of indigenous women by the writer Eliane Potiguara in her novel “Metade cara, metade mascara” (2004). Specifically, it analyzes how the author portrays forced displacements experienced by Amerindian societies—who in the name of progress are forced to leave their territories and migrate to peripheral regions in large urban centers—constructing counter-hegemonic discourses in which the voice of indigenous women unfolds in multiple identities, valuing subjectivities traditionally invisible in Brazilian canon literature. Felicidades on your recent publication, Angela!

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