Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Anna Torres Mallma

🎉 Felicidades to this week’s Author Spotlight, Anna Torres Mallma!

Anna’s article “Recordar el futuro a través de la caminata distópica en la novela Jinete a pie de Israel Centeno” explores the representation of the imaginary of the residual (non)citizen in the 21st century through the “caminante” in the contemporary novel Jinete a pie (2014) by Venezuelan author Israel Centeno. The author focuses primarily on the themes of spatial displacement and deconstruction, bodily dysfunctions, and the role of resignification of the experience of pain and fear which threatens to weaken aspects of the community.

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Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 7 Author Spotlight, Anna Torres Mallma

Anna is a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). Her research interests are dystopian spaces (spaces of crises) and dystopian bodies (dysfunctional bodies) as new ways of materiality of this era. At this moment, Anna has been working as a teaching assistant in the Spanish Department at UIC and is working on her dissertation project titled “Precarious Bodies Walking Dystopic Cities: Pedestrians, Broken Bodies and Cities on the Verge of Collapse in contemporary Latin American narrative”

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🎊 Fantastic work on an amazing article, Anna!

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