Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Anna Marrero-Rivera

🎉 Felicitaciones to this week’s author spotlight, Anna Marrero-Rivera!

Anna’s article “Heritage Language Students and the Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture Exam: Teachers’ Perspectives” presents a thorough literature review and explores research on Heritage Learners (HL) of Spanish in Advanced Placement courses, specifically regarding the perception of AP Spanish Literature teachers of HL students’ needs and how they are assessed in the classroom.

Read the full article here 👉

Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 7, Author Highlight, Anna Marrero-Rivera

Anna Marrero-Rivera is from Puerto Rico. She is a second year Ph.D student in Spanish Linguistics at Arizona State University. Anna’s primary area of research is heritage language pedagogy with a focus on teacher development. Anna is currently employed as a Research Assistant, but has previously worked as an educator in both secondary and post-secondary settings for seven years. She has taught Spanish as a heritage language, as well as Spanish as a second language. Anna holds master’s degrees in both Spanish Literature and Culture, as well as Language Education.

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📝 Excellent work on a very timely and well-researched article, Anna!

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