Author Spotlight (Vol. 7): Bruno N. Nowendsztern

Felicidades to this week’s author spotlight, Bruno N. Nowendsztern! Bruno’s article “Chicana en lucha: Reflexiones sobre la sociedad chicana y la conexión con el resto de la hispanidad en Puppet, de Margarita Cota-Cárdenas” is an exploration of the construction of Chicano identity through the novel Puppet: A Chicano Novella, written by Margarita-Cota Cárdenas.

Read the full article here 👉

SPR Author Spotlight Volume 7, Bruno N. Nowendsztern

Bruno Nowendsztern is a PhD Student at Arizona State University, and has research experience in literature in Spanish (both Latin American and Peninsular) and cultural studies. Nowendsztern’s main field is masculinities, and women studies in Contemporary Latin American literature (20th-21st century). Bruno is also interested in the national and gender identity in Latin American literature, film, and photography. Along with connections between literature and sports. In the US, Bruno made Chicanx and Latinx studies, in the approach of Hispanic cultures, exploring the importance of religions and myths to their identities.

Congratulations on a skillfully crafted article, Bruno!

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