Author Spotlight (Vol. 6): Ignacio D. Arellano-Torres

Felicitaciones to this week’s author spotlight, Ignacio D. Arellano-Torres! Ignacio’s article “Macho y bicha: Fluidez de género y espacios liminales en Madame Satã” is a skillfully crafted article which examines gender roles, identity, and expression in the contrast of prison and liberation in the Brazilian film, Madame Satã. The author analyzes the visual language, and the treatment of transit spaces such as doors, curtains, the sea, etc. and their symbolic role in relation to the gender identity of the story’s protagonist, Madame Satã.

Ignacio received his PhD from Stony Brook University, and is now an Assistant Professor of Spanish at The University of Louisiana at Monroe. His research interests include Early modern Spanish, the Picarersque, travel, Cervantes and space.

Read the full text here.

Thank you for your excellent article, Ignacio! 👍

Spanish and Portuguese Review, author spotlight volume 6, Ignacio Arellano-Torres

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