Managing Editor Spotlight: Faith Blackhurst

Meet the Managing Editor of Book, Tool & Media Reviews, Faith Blackhurst!

Spanish and Portuguese Review Managing Editor Spotlight, Faith Blackhurst

Specialty Area(s) of Research: Contemporary Mexican and Brazilian literature, women’s studies, domesticity, motherhood, food studies

Academic Affiliation: University of California, Davis

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese

* ~ * ~ *

1. What is your role at SPR? I have been the Managing Editor of Book, Tool, and Media Reviews since 2020.

2. What does your current SPR role entail? As the current Managing Editor of Book, Tool, and Media Reviews, I mentor graduate students through the publication process, which is often a new and exciting experience for them! I help students secure review copies from university presses, provide guidelines for writing reviews, and lend support through the editing process.

3. What does volunteering as an Associate Editor look like on your team? As one of my Associate Editors, you would be a teammate and support to one graduate student author as they revise and polish their final product. You would have the role of suggesting edits to content, organization, and grammar with the aim of helping graduate students publish their best work. The best Associate Editors always maintain an attitude of service, encouragement, and kindness as they collaborate with authors!

4. What is your previous experience with SPR?  I published a book review in Vol. 9, Fall 2019. It was a review of How Borges Wrote by Daniel Balderston.

5. What is your current academic affiliation and what are your main areas of research? I am a PhD Student at the University of California, Davis where I specialize in Latin American Literature and Culture, with specific interests in 20th and 21st century narratives and media from Brazil and Mexico, as well as gender/women’s studies, food studies, and affect theory.

6. What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself? Outside of my duties with SPR, I enjoy testing out new recipes, making my baby laugh (there’s nothing like it!), and hiking on the foggy California coast.

Thank you for your dedication, innovative ideas, and all the hard work you contribute to Spanish and Portuguese Review, Faith!

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