Meet the SPR Managing Editors!

The Spanish and Portuguese Review (SPR) Managing Editors team is a group of hard working and inspirational graduate students and recent graduates. This diverse group leaders have varying experience volunteering with or publishing with SPR. Our Managing Editors oversee various facets and cycles of the publishing process, coordinate with each other across teams, and also manage their own teams of Associate Editors which help execute various tasks such as peer review, copyediting, and social media promotion. As is the entire SPR team, our Managing Editors are dedicated scholars who are committed to developing their own skills and knowledge in academic publishing, as well as providing a supportive environment to mentor others and help them grow in their own confidence and capabilities.

Starting on August 15th, we are spotlighting each of our individual Managing Editors. We would like to highlight their incredible efforts, to celebrate their successes, support their journey, and showcase a bit about who they are and what their research interests and professional passions are.

Stay tuned the following Mondays to learn more about our wonderful and dedicated team of Managing Editors!

Top left: SPR Editor, Stacey M. Johnson

Top right: Senior Managing Editor, Laura Colaneri

Middle left: Managing Editor of Communications, Lillian Jones

Middle Right: Managing Editor of Book and Tool Reviews, Faith Blackhurst

Bottom Left: Managing Editor of Production, Diana Torres

Bottom Right: Managing Editor of Copyediting, Doaa Serag Mohamed Morsy

Not pictured: Managing Editor of Peer Review, Judit Palencia Gutiérrez

Thank you all for everything that you do for Spanish and Portuguese Review!

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