Author Spotlight (Vol. 6): Nicole Bonino

The first Author Spotlight of the Spanish and Portuguese Review Volume 6 is Nicole Bonino (University of Virginia), author of “Villa miseria también es América: Resistance and Resilience in Argentinian Slums During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” In this piece, Bonino explores the reactions and resiliency of slums of Buenos Aires during the Covid-19 era, looking at the innate protagonism of “resistance” and “resilience” in the lifestyle of the inhabitants in the slums of Buenos Aires. The author also calls for a reimagining of how research and activism will benefit this and other such communities. Congratulations on your publication, Nicole!

Read the full text here:

Article Keywords: Argentinian slums, COVID-19, pandemic, resilience, villa miseria

Author Spotlight SPR Volume 6, Nicole Bonino

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