Author Spotlight (Vol. 5): James Coda

#SPRVol5 features one response article, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Written by James Edward Coda, Jr., “Pushing the Limits of Innovation and Scholarship in Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese: Insights from Queer Theory” responds to Brady’s (2018) review of innovation in pedagogy and scholarship in the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese. Specifically, the response article invites queer theory/inquiry/pedagogies into the conversation and encourages practitioners and scholars to engage with queer theory/inquiry/pedagogies in their teaching and scholarship. Coda (U. of Georgia) is currently working on a co-edited volume with Dr. Joshua Paiz (George Washington University) entitled “Intersectional perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues in language teaching and learning.” Find Coda’s article here under “In Response”:

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