Author Spotlight (Vol. 4): Osvaldo Sandoval

We’re back at our weekly author spotlights! Our graduate student contributors are active in research beyond their SPR publications and these “spotlights” provide an opportunity to get to know our Vol. 4 authors a little bit more and to encourage our social media followers to read Vol. 4, available open-access here:

Meet Osvaldo Sandoval, a PhD candidate in Hispanic Cultural Studies at Michigan State University. Sandoval’s article in Vol. 4 is “Del texto a la representación teatral: espacios alegóricos de la inmigración en La puerta estrecha de Eusebio Calonge.” This article observes how the play by Eusebio Calonge exposes practices of torture and the disappearance of the body during the increasing immigrant population in 2000, activating historical memory of franquismo.

Sandoval defended his dissertation on April 19th. The title of his dissertation is Lo irrepresentable en escena: “los olvidados” en la dramaturgia contemporánea en el Cono Sur y España [The Unrepresentable on Stage: “The Forgotten” in Contemporary Dramaturgy in the Southern Cone and Spain].

Sandoval recently presented at the 2019 Comparative Drama Conference, in Orlando, FL, April 4-6th (“Staging Inner Exile: Fear, Misery, and Complicity of a Mutilated Argentinian Society during the Dictatorship”) and will present again at the 2019 Latin American Studies Association Congress to be held from the 24th to the 27th of May, 2019, in Boston, MA. Follow our Vol. 4 contributor on Twitter @OsandovalLeon!


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