Author Spotlight (Vol. 4): Allison Braden

Have you checked out SPR’s vol. 4 yet? In case you’ve forgotten, you can access the journal online for free:

We are bringing back our popular spotlight series to highlight our graduate student contributors.

First up is Allison Braden at the University North Carolina at Charlotte (@AllisonBraden); you can find her article “A Linguistic Analysis of Kramp: María José Ferrada’s Child Narrator in Translation” in Vol. 4.

Braden summarizes her article in the following way: “Child narrators in adult literature are a pretty new thing. My article talks about some hallmarks of these narrators and the challenges of translating them, and I used my translation of Chilean author María José Ferrada’s novel Kramp as a case study.”

Braden plans to spend the spring and summer in the Southern Cone and translating a collection of Chilean short stories.


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